We are Atmooz 🤍

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Atmooz [at-moos]: derived from atmos-sphere  
set the mood | lighting & decoration

Charrell Home Interiors has been creating the interiors of your dreams with great passion for over 20 years. Collections are compiled, interiors are detailed and personal guidance offered until everything is in place. Charrell delivers an end-to-end concept for your interior. This vision formed the base of a custom collection of lighting and decoration that resulted in ATMOOZ and a whole new direction in 2019.

It is with great enthusiasm that the brothers  Yannick en Didier Breckpot entered the online market with Atmooz. Atmooz is synonymous with affordable contemporary design mét een knipoog. A comprehansive lighting and decoration collection with a chic look. The collection is continuously updated and enhanced. New items are designed and developed with an emphasis on quality and beauty. A new design isn't incorporated into the family until it breathes the characteristic Atmooz vibe.

 An enthusiastic team was composed to accomplish this. Everyone is on the same page! Working towards the same goals together, and enjoying it!
Read on to learn more about us!

Atmooz sells both nationally and internationally to interior junkies as well as professionals from the interior business, restaurants and hotels. 
Feel free to take a look on our website (a great place to start 😉 ) or discover the entire collection live at the Charrell concept stores in Geel and Rijmenam. 

We aim high

          All it needs is some           LOVE & HARD WORK

Every day, our team works to develop and optimise the Atmooz brand with a great deal of enthusiasm. From idea and production all the way to making our end client happy. We’re on it!   

We help you MAKE IT HAPPEN

Let us inspire you to go for your own choices. We want to make it as easy as possible for you with our comprehensive collection. Mix & match statement pieces with discrete key items and create unity in your interior effortlessly.

What would we be without our PASSION

Everything departs from our passion for beauty and interior... The ultimate goal? To create Atmooz-grade designs. With attention to detail and quality. With an open mind and eager to improve ourselves.

And don't forget: It all starts with TRUST

Perhaps the most important value, both within our team and towards our clients. Open & clear communication, treating each other with respect and genuine interest, that is how we hope to strengthen ourselves and the Atmooz brand every single day. 

Meet the team


Customer support & all-round assistant  caring & spontaneous   - girlsmom - loves ☀ and Duvel  - vollyball - hands on 


Founder -Didier’s brother - captain of the Atmooz cycling team - family man - comedian in disguise - driven & involved


Finance & accounting   -helpful & considerate - family ❤ - running & padel - true epicurean - fashion lover


Graphic design & Charrell's Angel -  creative all-rounder - black is black 🖤 - guilty pleasure: gaming - spinning -  pinterest-grade baking 


Logistics  loyal & helpful - proud dad of Lias & Lénore - keeps himself sharp with the occasional fat beat - secretive skater by heart 


Webmanager  - enthusiastic & driven - ... as long as there is music - good food - mountains! and sea! - ginger lover 


Photography & Charrell's Angel  – open & involved - culinary diamond in the rough - runs 10K! - favourite combo: family & travel 


Founder - Yannick’s brother - kite surfing - loves a challenge - work hard/play hard - ambitious & fun lovin’