Atmooz sets the mood

Inspiration of Atmooz

You create your own coziness, but we are here to help you do so. Every piece in the Atmooz collection was selected with care, to make your interior as “you” as can be. Look at these unique interiors with us and see what effect a perfectly placed side table or table lamp can have! Let us inspire you... 
The rustic Noury ​​9 hanging lamp hangs with its 9 lamps, each with a square frame around centrally above the dining table.
Noury 9
The Potsdam floor lamp is beautifully in the background in a modern interior.
The modern Donau towel rack sits flush with the shower wall of the walk-in shower.
You look through a doorway at a dining table with a large flower pot on it. The manilla with its 9 lamps and round ceiling plate hangs above.
The stylish Gerona wall lamp illuminates a white wall with a beautiful light.
The designer Toledo floor lamp stands next to a seat.
The industrial floor cloth Bolivia is used as a reading lamp above a brown design armchair.
The designer floor lamp Soweto looks great next to 2 fabric chairs and a side table.